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Australian Aboriginal Art Exhibition Ibiza 2014> Dreamtime stories from the dawn of time

Dreamtime stories
‘from the dawn of time’

Aboriginal Art by Mudjai (Jeremy Devitt) & Women Artists of the Central Desert Australia
Photography by Lucien Lecarme

Opening: Saturday 12 April 2014 from 17.00 hrs
location: Living Art Gallery, Sta. Gertrudis
Exhibition runs for 3 months

Dreamweb Foundation & Living Art Gallery present: Aboriginal Art by Mudjai (Jeremy Devitt) & Women Artists of the Central Desert Australia and Photography by Ibiza Based photographer Lucien Lecarme.

When Lucien moved to Ibiza 2 years ago he had a vision of introducing this fascinating art to Ibiza, the island of colour and light, and white walls (La Isla blanca).
The vibrant colourful dotpaintings do very well in the many old finca’s inhabited by people from all over the world. Lucien also discovered that there is not many quality Aboriginal art for sale on the Island. Aboriginal Art is a great inspiration on the wall, Art that tells an ancient story from the dawn of time, the Dreamtime.
Also it is acknowledged as a modern art form, and in this way can be seen as a good investment, and more important, a great value and unique asset for interior designing.
During his travels through Aboriginal Australia, Lucien also made portraits of the Aboriginal artists and people he met, in the desert region and in the Northern Top End where he lived twice for several month in an Aboriginal community.
The Photos accompany the paintings, telling another visual story and showing faces of Aboriginal people. This gives an extra dimension to this exhibition, while showing the source of the artwork, visitors get a glimpse into the lives of tribe elders, children, artists and non artists.

Jeremy Devitt / Mudjai: “When i paint it makes me strong, it reminds me of my connection to Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, Father Sun and Grandfather Universe. It reminds me of my connection to plants, animals and other people. Each one of my paintings is like a page from our bible. My hope for the future is that the western world can earn proper respect for Mother Earth and the world’s Indigenous people and help them maintain their cultural lore, language and heritage”.

In this exhibition, Jeremy Mudjai Devitt’s powerful paintings are presented alongside work by women artists from the Australian central desert and portraits of Aboriginal people by photographer Lucien Lecarme.

Last April, Lucien Lecarme invited the Australian Aboriginal artist Jeremy Devitt for the exhibition "Spiritmen – Spiritwomen" in Can Skye resort.

Jeremy did a successful tour, a fascinating cultural exchange of art, stories and dance from the oldest living culture on the planet, merging with inspiring cultural circles on Ibiza.
Jeremy Devitt developed his own unique style which he refers to as ‘Spiritway’ painting, mixing the traditional technique of Dot Painting with multilayering techniques, even sometimes using his fingernails to make structures in the canvas. This gives some of his paintings a three-dimensional quality and, with the bright colours he uses, some of them have a hallucinogenic effect. Behind the top layer, with sometimes figurative stories and designs and sometimes abstract representations of the sacred Dreamtime, the cosmos seems to be omnipresent.
Jeremy creates work for different purposes in his Spiritway paintings, next to being aesthetically outstanding. He creates healing paintings and paintings for balancing, empowering and reconnecting with ancestor spirits.
This essential energy radiates from his work and brings this essence to any space his work is exhibited, be it exhibition space or living room.

The Aboriginal Art is well-known throughout the world and characterized by the small colourful dots. (Dotpainting technique). The designs on the canvasses often depict dreamtime stories, Ancestral beings in their process of creating the world, on that part of Australia where the clan or family of the artists has their cultural, cosmological and spiritual roots. The connection to the land is sacred and most important for Aboriginal people. The paintings are not only dreamtime creation stories, but also often blueprints of those parts of the land where the clan lives. Coming from a culture where knowledge has been transmitted for ten-thousands of years through oral tradition, the storytelling and imagery is very well developed and functions as a means for education and conservation of old laws, customs and belief systems.

Lucien Lecarme organised several exhibitions with Aboriginal Art in Holland, for example the “Emily” exhibition in the Old Church in Amsterdam in 1999.
He created the cultural and educational platform Dreamweb and made educational kits (Droomkoffers) for primary schools. For the exhibitions and the educational programs he often invited Aboriginal artists as true representatives of their culture. Artist with whom he works are David Jungala Kriss, Pamela Croft, Jeremy Mudjai Devitt and Gavin Ware. (

location: Living Art Gallery

Australian Aboriginal ART and CULTURE and SHOWS Ibiza 2013

AUSTRALIAN Aboriginal art, culture & SHOWS in Ibiza
in 2013 !

Lucien Lecarme works with Aboriginal art and culture in Holland for over 15 years presenting exhibitions and, if possible, the artists, focussing on eductional programme’s for primary schools the last 6-7 years. For this, Lucien invited Aboriginal artists Jeremy (and Gavin Ware) and Pamela Croft to Holland many times, where they did several projects including a mural of 12 x 2 meters, with the hands of schoolchildren painted on it.
Since Lucien now resides in Ibiza, he decided to present the Australian Aboriginal Art and Culture to the Island, resulting into the exhibition in Can Skye on 19 april.
Concept: showing the paintings and some artifacts (hand made baskets) together with portraits (photos) from Luciens collection, taken on his travels to Aboriginal communities in Arnhemland (Ramingining) and the desert around Alice Springs.
To present this magnificent vibrant art to the Island properly he invited Jeremy Devitt and his work to the exhibition that runs all summer.
Jeremey can teach all about the source of Aboriginal art through storytelling, games and dancing, during the workshops.


Opening 19 April, 2013 in Can Skye from 16.00 hrs

Jeremy Devitt will be teaching us all about Aboriginal Culture through songs, dancing, storytelling and didgeridoo music.
His knowledge and skills from this ancient culture come from his uncle and other family that taught him secret and public dances, songs and stories.
His art, has a unique style that best can be described as a fusion between the traditional dot painting technique, Indian Mandala and his
own style and precise way of painting.
In his shows Jeremy uses body paint technique, singing and dancing, games and storytelling. The stories are a main and very important element of Australian Aboriginal culture, hence coming from the oral tradition of passing on knowledge by words and stories. The children where taught also by games developing both sides of the brain.

Aboriginal Art & culture gatherings & shows were brought to Ibiza by Dreamweb Foundation (Lucien Lecarme) in coorperation with Can Skye.

Saturday 20 April CAN SKYE 11am - 13pm WORKSHOP DIDGERIDOO
stories & painting
18pm - 20pm Buffet / Food / Drinks
20pm SHOW
Sunday 21 April CAN SKYE 11am - 13pm WORKSHOP DIDGERIDOO
stories & painting
18pm - 20pm Buffet / Food / Drinks
20pm SHOW
Monday 22 April TETRA 20.30pm - 22pm SHOW
Sunday 28 April CASITA VERDE 14.30pm - 15.30pm SHOW

Open 2 weekend a month, until 15 October, 2013, displaying paintings & photos,
presenting didgeridoo workshops, gatherings and performances.

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